The Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design is an independent nonprofit organization that instigates dialogues on design and the built environment through public programming, exhibitions, and publications. L.A. is a catalytic place for architecture and design, offering lessons that extend globally. Our curatorial stance frames and challenges what architecture means in an evolving city. 


A critical voice in L.A. since 1987, the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design’s activities bring together architects, artists, designers, urban thinkers, and the public. Through each decade the Forum has vigorously interrogated the culture of architecture and urban design in L.A.

A dedicated, working Board of Directors — members of L.A.’s architecture and design communities — produces our public programming and publications. Our events, newsletters, books, and competitions speculate on urbanism and create dialogues around contemporary design. Our programming routinely features the work of emerging and boundary-pushing designers.

Ideas fomented include the codification of The LA School and the development of “everyday urbanism.” Over the decades, Forum research has included typological analyses of boulevards, dead malls, and dingbat housing.

Influential publications originated with the Forum include Experimental Architecture in Los Angeles (1992), Everyday Urbanism (1999), and The Infrastructural City: Networked Ecologies in Los Angeles (2008). Forthcoming titles include Dingbats 2.0 and The LA Forum Reader.

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The current website was launched in March, 2010. Site Design + Programming by Handbuilt in collaboration with the LA Forum board of directors. This website redesign project is supported, in part, by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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2014 LA Forum Board of Directors:

Ella Hazard and Mimi Zeiger, Co-Presidents

Duane McLemore, Vice-President

James Black, Vice-President of Information

Rob Berry, Vice-President of Development

Michael Sweeney, Vice-President of Operations

Matthew Gillis, Treasurer

Orhan Ayyuce

Gail Peter Borden

Carmen C. Cham

Khristeen Decastro (Membership Coordinator)

Martina Dolejsova

Jessica Fleischmann

Russell Fortmeyer

Victor Jones

Eric Olsen (Volunteer Coordinator)

Roberto Sheinberg

Geoffrey von Oeyen

2014 LA Forum Advisory Board:

Hitoshi Abe

Aaron Betsky

Pamela Burton

Paul Danna

Joe Day

Tim Durfee

Frank Escher

Hsin Ming Fung

Margaret Griffin

Brooke Hodge

Jason Kerwin

Alice Kimm

Mark Lee

Kimberli Meyer

Norman Millar

Merry Norris

Linda Pollari

Michael Pinto

Janet Sager

Mohamed Sharif

Warren Techentin

Sara Daleiden
Development Consultant

Brigette Brown
Administrative Assistant

Mark Montiel
Administrative Assistant

Andrea Dietz
Development Assistant

Previous Los Angeles Forum Boards:

2013 Board of Directors and Advisory Board

2012 Board of Directors and Advisory Board