Jose is an architect and the founder of Mutuo, an LA based architecture design studio. He is the 2022 John G. Williams Distinguished Visiting Professor at the Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design at the University of Arkansas.
Vice President

Souris is an idea-enabler, agent, and founder of visual artist advisory and creative agency, Creative Cabal. She is a New York Times bestselling author and helped launch MOCAtv, the first dedicated art channel on YouTube's Original Channels.
Vice President of INFO Committee
Creator and host of the FIVE PLACES L.A. podcast

Emmanuelle is a creative thinker who co-founded Panelite and led its material innovation over 25 years, developing proprietary products that optimize energy savings, daylighting, and user wellbeing. She is also a recognized advocate for gender equity in design; an insatiably curious podcast creator and host; and a persistent skater.
INFO Committee
Co-Producer of the FIVE PLACES L.A. podcast

Anali is a researcher and designer of speculative and tangible experimentation in the realm of architecture. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Architecture at Texas Tech University.
INFO Committee
Co-Producer of the FIVE PLACES L.A. podcast

Quynh is a writer specializing in brand identity and content strategy. She hones authentic and nuanced narratives in lieu of traditional PR/branding practices and creates messaging tailored for target audiences. Her practice includes coaching clients--architects, designers, artists, and entrepreneurs, on how to talk about themselves and their work.
INFO Committee

Jayna is an architecturally-trained multidisciplinary artist and designer working to craft more equitable and joyful spaces and society. Jayna is co-Creator/Founder of Pussyhat Project, and Creator/Founder of Welcome Blanket.

Vice President of Membership Committee

Lilian is an architectural historian and realtor. She also teaches architectural history and theory at Otis College, Cal Poly Pomona, and Woodbury University. Her writing is focused on the exchange of architectural ideas between Europe and the US in the 20th century.
Membership Committee

Nate came to California by way of Madison, Wisconsin, and has nearly 20 years of experience working with architecturally significant real estate. He specializes in the representation of buyers and sellers of unique and historic homes.
Vice President of Operations Committee

Ismaelly is a designer and educator. In her professional and academic work, she is interested in the role that spatial politics play in our built environment and how architects can reimagine more just and equitable cities. She is currently employed at GGA+ and has taught digital technology and studios courses at Santa Monica College and Woodbury University.
Operations Committee

Donatella is an architect and educator. She grew up in Sicily where history influenced her appreciation of the cultural palimpsest and fostered a curiosity for foreign cultures and local oddities. She is co-founder of Claret-Cup, and a Board member of the Research Institute for Experimental Architecture.

Co-Vice President of Grants Committee

Lorena is a landscape architect and founder of PuenteAlameda, a studio with bases in Madrid and Los Angeles, which explores creatives and collaborative designs that address the complexity of the nature processes. She is a lecturer at Cal Poly Pomona and Madrid School of Design.
Co-Vice President of Grants Committee

Monica is an architect and founder of There There, an architecture studio that fluctuates between research and practice, and between LA, Mexico City, and Madrid. Through architectures, counternarratives, and fictions, her practice challenges dominant worldviews, materializes alternative imaginaries, and catalyzes meaningful experiences.
Grants Committee

Luciana is an architect, researcher, and educator. She is the founder and principal of uma architecture & design, researching the politics of extraction and issues of supply chain. She is an Adjunct Professor at USC School of Architecture and a Senior Lecturer at Otis College of Art and Design.

Vice President of Finance Committee

Gregory is an Architect and founder of Vanray. Vanray’s practice covers a wide variety of residential and commercial projects unique to Los Angeles. Gregory instructs design studios and other courses at Woodbury University and at Otis College of Art and Design.
Finance Committee

Ed is an architect and Principal of Edward Ogosta Architecture. His LA-based firm has won over 30 major design awards, including the Design Vanguard award from Architectural Record magazine. He also serves as Vice-Chair of the Culver City Planning Commission.
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