Online Tour

L.A. Forum’s 2020
Summer Exhition
Online Tour

Thursday, September 17th, 2020 ︎ 6:00-8:00 pm

Join us as we tour the LAForum’s 2020 Summer Exhibition with the curators and exhibition designer.

The summer exhibition by the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design presents 20 new works documenting the collective views of life in Los Angeles in its new decade, by a select group of emerging designers and thinkers.

The newly commissioned texts and visual works exhibited in “Every. Thing. Changes.” were developed over the course of spring 2020, and are the outcomes of a “call and response” process between five initial L.A.-based writers, their texts, and the visual responses of five L.A.-based collaborators (of the allied design disciplines: architecture, landscape architecture, urban design). These 10 writers/designers then chose one additional collaborator each to bring into the process (including the disciplines of art, tech, music, education, activism and first-responders), creating a total of 20 new visual and text-based works.

The curatorial process upends the conventional architectural brief or call for ideas, and captures a broad window into the collective imaginary of Los Angeles in the 20s. To respect social distancing guidelines and protections for our community and audience, the 20 new works were be exhibited in parking lots and on virtual platforms around the city on August 8th, culminating in an outdoor reception which was simulcast online.

The curators will guide this online tour of the 20 new works with

Curator: Wendy Gilmartin

Assistant Curator: Nina Briggs

Exhibition Designer: Tim Durfee

Find out more about locations and registration for upcoming every. thing. changes. exhibition events here:

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