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LAForum’s 2020
Summer Exhition

Saturday, August 8th, 2020 ︎ 3:00-7:00 pm

The summer exhibition “Every. Thing. Changes.” by the Los Angeles Forum forArchitecture and Urban Design presents 20 new works documenting the collective viewof life in Los Angeles in its new decade. The newly commissioned texts and visualworks exhibited in “Every. Thing. Changes.” were developed over the spring of 2020, andare the outcomes of a “call and response” process betweenfive initial L.A.-basedwriters, their texts, and the visual responses offive L.A.-based collaborators (of theallied design disciplines: architecture, landscape architecture, urban design). The 10writers/designers then chose one additional collaborator each to bring into the process,for a total of 20 new visual and text-based works

Loren Adams, Architect
John Atkinson, Sound Artist
Orhan Ayyüce, Architect
Sam Bloch, Journalist
Anthony Carfello, Editor, Educator
Polaris Castillo, Artist
Yvonne Estrada, Poet, Photographer
Yara Feghali & Viviane El-Kmati, Designers
Lorena Garcia, Landscape Architect
Silvia Herrasti & Paulina Herrasti, Artists
Tory J. Lowitz, Artist
MUTUO, Architects
Viva Padilla, Poet and Editor
Jakob Sellaoui, Architect
Julie Smith-Clementi & Frank Clementi, Architects
Cameron Stallones, Artist, Musician
Hyunch Sung, Designer, Artist
Lisa Teasley, Author, Artist
Imogen Teasley-Vlautin, Artist, Composer
Terry Wolverton, Novelist, Poet

Saturday August 8th, 3pm to 7pm In-Person viewing of 20 new works
Saturday August 8th, 7pm to 9pm Online Opening Reception

Graphic Design by Still Room/ Jessica Fleischmann, Jenny Haru Kim
Exhibition Design by Tim Durfee Studio

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