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Saturday, July 09th, 2022 ︎ 10:30-11:30 am

Please join LAForum President Jose Herrasti of MUTUO and Board Member Lilian Pfaff for the house tour of Wonderland Ave. in Los Angeles.

The design of the Wonderland Avenue Houses reimagines both the single- family private living spaces and the shared communal open spaces of the three interconnected units. The modernist tradition to connect with the outdoors is here primarily interpreted with the inhabitation of the rooftops. Three terraces dominate the canyon and allow the expansion of the square footage while bringing the users to enjoy the sunset light Los Angeles is known for. The houses step down with the topography in a rhythmic composition of sloping walls and glazing arrangements that respond to the interior program. Private and communal spaces are at play promoting a sense of community between the three neighbors. The façade cladding employs a variety of materials used both in traditional residential and industrial construction and plays with their juxtaposition and geometric articulation. Each house is similar, yet unique, both on the exterior and interior, where the rooms are stacked on three levels providing a rather compact yet generous spatial configuration. The interior of the houses plays with the simplicity of smooth white surfaces and coarse, exposed concrete, structural steel and unfinished wood.

Structural Engineering: NOUS Engineering
Landscape Architecture: Puente Alameda

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