Fall 2016

The Fall 2016 issue of the LA Forum Newsletter looks to the allure of the interior for anew reading on Los Angeles urbanism. Board member Matthew Gillis and guest editor Jonathan Crisman make a case for the urban potential of qualities that might otherwise be relegated to a back issue of Architectural Digest: a vivid color palette, furniture and ornamental trappings, or that classic California domesticity of an “indoor-outdoor concept.”

Opening up the issue, Eric Olsen pulls apart boundaries between inside and outside. Courtney Coffman gives us a glimpse of Los Angeles through her polychromatic sunglasses. James Rojas finds Latino identity in bringing decoration and furniture out to the front lawn. Paulette Singley and Annie Chu take a stroll in and out of the marquees on Broadway. While Chava Danielson transforms an interior and spills out into a park. And Will Davis advocates for a public in an increasingly private domain, occupying interiors to find and cultivate civic space.
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