Scout Regalia, Los Angeles, CA

Dingbat Terrarium

Entry  P-108

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As a reinvention of the distinctively regional dingbat typology, our proposal seeks to maximize the quality
of life for residents within the increasingly dense future of the City. “Dingbat Terrarium” is a new vision for
multifamily housing in Los Angeles that embraces the utilitarian features of classic dingbats, while
proposing creative solutions for a more livable model of rental housing in the City.

We propose a complete redevelopment of the Palms site at the single lot scale, with the principle that
combined lots are grossly outsized within the context of the surrounding area. Our proposal provides three
housing models to better meet the growing housing needs of Los Angeles: family, workforce, and student
housing. The site has an even mixture of housing types that have been planned to encourage community
interaction (family housing is clustered, with workforce housing serving as a buer between family and
student housing).

The existing alleyway has been redesigned as a greenway and community garden, providing a space for
congregation and respite. Trash collection has been moved to the streetfront, while parking is enclosed in
an at-grade garage with various options to encourage the use of transportation alternatives.
Taking into account the vast network of transportation alternatives within half a mile of the site, the Palms
site oers an ideal opportunity to re-examine how residents use their cars relative to other modes of
transportation. Parking for each building was designed starting from existing regulations, and modified to
meet the needs of each user group. Car shares, bike parking, and electric vehicle stations are included to
various extents in all three of the housing schemes. The family housing model follows existing parking
regulations and provides parking spaces to code, while the student housing proposal provides communal
car shares and ample bike parking.

“Dingbat Terrarium” challenges the idea of favoring outward views regardless of the setting. Each unit in
our proposal has a “terrarium” in the living room- a vertical garden in a floor to ceiling glass enclosure.
These light wells provide residents with a curated garden view while bringing light through the units and
into the garage. Wood framed windows and doors are utilized more for diuse light and air rather than
outward views.
Each building has a greywater recycling system where non-potable water is reused to irrigate the new
greenway and streetfront landscaping. Solar water heating and photovoltaic panels provide an ecient
and sustainable power solution for the building.
Taking a queue from the unique facades of classic dingbats, our proposal introduces a highly customizable
wire mesh lattice at the front and rear facades. A wire mesh lattice at the front and rear facades allows for
the application of various materials and designs, providing a new take on one of the most distinguishing
features of the classic dingbat.