The LA Forum is hosting the traveling exhibition ‘a Few Zines: Dispatches from the Edge of Architectural Production’ the weekend of August 14-16.

This article is an attempt to outline some of the current work being produced by architects and activists who are responding to concrete social, political, and economic changes, from Canadian Zine Splinter to local Los Angeles activists.

Antic architecture goes against the grain, only that which embodies power, whether that of the Medicis or of MacDonald’s. Architecture has served power and in return has been head-locked by it. Similarly, the institutions that define and support architecture; the media, […]

Excerpt from the architecture zine Splinter #4: Glare & the Antic Architecture Cinema, Summer 1991, Barry Isenor + Kenneth Hayes, Editors. There was an arresting moment in a film we saw recently. Beyond swirling blue and black images of desolate […]