Doctors Bury Their Mistakes Some Notes on Hospitals Nowhere is our pact with the technological devil more clear than in hospitals. They represent our enslavement to a technology that promises survival, on both a personal and a professional level, but […]

Nostalgia and Technology Re: Shin Takamatsu at Sfmoma 1. To talk about technology without anticipating the future is as difficult as talking about the future without involving technology. Since Frankenstein was published in 1816, science and technology have been the […]

Cyberspace and Architecture Interview with Christian Hubert by Stephen Perrella SP: As an architect, how are you engaged in virtual reality and how do you consider this work in relation to “built projects”? CH: I think it is important to […]

The continued pervasiveness of existent and emerging information technologies is certain to contribute significantly to the reconfiguration of the social relations that organize productive activity. Early signs of such a change can already be witnessed. The rapid growth of information […]