Within the past five years many important parks have been designed for a wide variety of areas within the Los Angeles Basin. Yet there has been little discussion about these parks: what they look like, how they function, and how they relate to contemporary Los Angeles. This exhibition will survey six major parks that are currently being designed, that are in construction, or have been completed recently.

Edited by Alan A. Loomis and Lize Mogel With summer upon us, and the outdoors beckoning, the Forum turns its attention to parks and recreational landscapes in Los Angeles and elsewhere. Through a series of essays, projects, and case studies, […]

Please join the L.A. Forum this Sunday from 2-5 at Virginia Avenue Park in Santa Monica for the second of our Sunblock Series dedicated to the exploration, use, and discussion of recently completed outdoor space. Julie Eizenberg of Koning Eizenberg […]

The rise of modern Los Angeles since the late nineteenth century has been inextricably connected to its reputation as a place of recreation. It might seem likely that a city sold as the playground of the world, with an economy […]

“3 Acres on the Lake” is a public art project that solicited speculative proposals for a tiny piece of land called DuSable Park, on the shore of Lake Michigan at the mouth of the river in downtown Chicago. Plans have […]

On June 17, 2003 the collaborative LAH*UB [Los Angeles H* Urban Bureau] sponsored a panel discussion at Gallery 727 on the subject of public space in downtown Los Angeles, in conjuction with their Civic Park Proposals competition/exhibit (see Issue 5). […]

Thomas Guide page 634 F-4 The Los Angeles H* Urban Bureau (LAH*UB), an L.A. based collaborative of artists and architects, actively experiments with modes of research in downtown Los Angeles. In the last year, we have focused almost all of […]

Los Angeles is well known as the nation’s capital for air pollution, traffic congestion, and sprawl. It is perhaps less well known as the second densest city in the country, at over 8 persons an acre [1]. Additionally, its lack […]

Thomas Guide page 674 F-5 The Augustus F. Hawkins Natural Park is widely touted as an urban greening success story. For almost a century, the site, at the corner of Slauson and Compton Avenues in a heavily industrialized corridor, was […]

Thomas Guide page 594 J-6 Welcome to one of the ugliest, most devastated spots on the Los Angeles River – that is, if you can find it. The confluence of the river and the Arroyo Seco can take some effort […]

Thomas Guide page 671 H-1 The narrative of lost public life and public space is prevalent throughout Los Angeles. It may be valid to say that public space has largely been commodified and rarely becomes truly public in that some […]

What better place to study parks than Paris? Well, maybe Los Angeles! As an urban geographer, I am lucky enough to research urban open space and parks. My luck was extended when I was invited to Paris as a participant […]

The “public green”, or town commons, was originally a shared piece of land used for grazing livestock. In 17th and 18th century New England, this type of public space was usually the center of community activity. The public green is […]