Mak Center

DELIRIOUS LA January 26, 2015 Go Skin Deep with the 2015 Facades+ Conference The Facades+ conference kicks off its LA edition next week with a keynote delivered by architect James Carpenter. To learn more about building skins and this year’s […]

Delirious LA Calendar November 3rd, 2014   Between Judo and Hockey. Our 2014 OTDI Participants on Design Practice The 2014 installment of Out There Doing It, the LA Forum’s annual series on emergent practice, is underway. We’ve asked two of […]

Delirious LA Calendar October 6th, 2014 Get inside the Neutra VDL House with Host: Natural Histories for Los Angeles This fall, curators from three Los Angeles-based organizations come together as part of World Wide Storefront, a Storefront for Art and […]

Delirious LA Calendar September 22nd, 2014 “Beyond Environment” curators explore U.S.-Italy art connections Image courtesy of Amit Wolf and Emanuele Piccardo In Beyond Environment, on view now at LACE, curators Amit Wolf and Emanuele Piccardo explore the intersection of architecture, […]

Delirious LA Calendar July 14th, 2014   Heather Flood on Punk’d     L.A.-based designer Heather Flood brings a little visual anarchy to the gallery with Punk’d. On view at SCI-Arc Gallery through August 3.   What’s the difference between […]

Join the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design for the second event in our annual Out There Doing It series. IN/OUT, HERE/THERE Featuring the Out There Doing It 2013 participants ALLTHATISSOLID, Anna Neimark/First Office, Bryony Roberts, and Design, Bitches […]

Limited tickets are still available for: MAK Center Architecture Tour 2010 Sunday, October 10, 2010 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Lovell Health House (1929), Richard J. Neutra Kun House (1936), Richard J. Neutra Gold House (1945), R.M. Schindler Hillside House […]

Dave Hullfish Bailey’s giant bamboo held down by rope shelter was the highlight of the recent 20/35 Vision show at the MAK Center at the Schindler House. The kitchen outfitted with emergency supplies was another Bailey installation. The Forum’s website […]