Forum Newsletter – Summer Reading 1997

For this issue we compiled a reading list of suggestions from our friends and colleagues. Grahame Shane describes incursions made by alternate voices and views of the city in Postmodern Cities and Spaces, Joe Day argues for a broadening of architectural vision in a decade of pragmatism in his review of the Dia Art Foundation Discussion Series, Kevin O’Brien poses alternatives to erudition in his review of Compulsive Beauty, Tom Marble describes the materialization of a screenplay in the mind of a designer and Arden Yang presents the architectural imaginings of a movie producer. In closing this issue, we remember the passing of a good friend.

REVIEW: Post-Modern Cities and Spaces Edited by Sophie Watson and Katherine Gibson Reviewed by Grahame Shane After a period of drought, there is a welcome flood of good textbooks and readers on the post-modern city. This new literature incorporates theories […]

Chapter 5 SCOPE AND GENERAL Section 501. This chapter prescribes general design requirements applicable to all architecture regulated by this code. Section 502. The following definitions give meaning to certain terms related to this code: Architecture. Structures relevant to a […]

REVIEW: Vision and Visuality Hal Foster, Editor Dia Art Foundation Discussions in Contemporary Culture, no. 2 Bay Press 1988. and Visual Display: Culture Beyond Appearances Lynne Cooke and Peter Wollen, Editors Dia Art Foundation Discussions in Contemporary Culture, no. 10 […]

Review: Compulsive Beauty by Hal Foster Compulsive Beauty Hal Foster MIT Press 1996 (PB) Surrealism has been rediscovered. In the avalanche of this renewed interest arrives Hal Foster’s book Compulsive Beauty. Foster proposes a psychological analysis of Surrealism via Freud, […]

We lost Franklin David Israel early in the morning, Monday, June 10th. He turned 50 last fall, and had battled AIDS for twelve years with resolve and courage that became so engrained, so matter-of-fact, that one often took his survival […]

A bibliography of books being read by Forum Board Members and other recommendations.