John Chase

Los Angeles has always been a place where small firms do adventurous work on small commissions. -John Chase, Shopping for Architecture LA Forum Newsletter, December 1989 To see the original article, click here.

“The problem is that there is more to architecture than picking out the right exotic wood for that new vegetarian bar. I am concerned at the gap between the formidable formal and the equally formidable thoughtlessness about larger issues played  […]

John Chase’s West Hollywood: An Architectural Walking Tour Saturday, May 21, 2011 10:00 a.m.: Tour departs from West Hollywood Gateway 7100 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood Meet in front of the Starbucks in the courtyard 6:00 p.m.: Drinks at Barney’s […]

The Los Angeles Forum is saddened to hear the news that author and Urban Designer John Chase passed away on August 13th, 2010. John was a fixture in the Los Angeles design community for decades, and our organization is indebted […]

A panel discussion to consider the urban condition of the dingbat apartment building in Los Angeles – both existing conditions as well as proposals from the LA Forum’s recently completed Dingbat 2.0 Design Competition.

The LA Forum is pleased to announce the addition of author, Urban Designer, and noted Dingbat apartments authority John Chase to the jury for the Dingbat 2.0 Competition. Chase joins Barbara Bestor, Tedd Cruz, Dana Cuff, Neil Denari and Joshua […]

The Field Guide to Dingbats has several small articles and references regarding Dingbat apartment buildings, as well as a chapter from John Chase’s Book Glitter Stucco & Dumpster Diving, which covers the history and types of ‘stucco box’ apartments that […]

Barbara Bestor / Principal, Bestor Architecture, Los Angeles / Chair, Graduate School of Architecture at Woodbury University John Chase / Author / Urban Designer, City of West Hollywood Teddy Cruz / Principal, Estudio Teddy Cruz, San Diego / Associate Professor, […]

1. In the hullabaloo surrounding proposed changes to the historic Huntington Hartford Gallery at Two Columbus Circle, Ada Louise Huxtable, longtime architectural critic for the New York Times, famously dismissed the Edward Durrell Stone landmark as possessing “dubious architectural distinction,” […]

The spring 2000 lecture series, Booktalk, brought together LA writers on architecture and urbanism to discuss recent publications. The participants included: Mary Ann Ray and Robert Mangurian, Wrapper: 40 Possible Surfaces for the Museum of Jurassic Technology(William Stout Publishers, 2000) […]

by John Dutton The highway is perhaps the most ambivalently celebrated feature of the post-war American landscape. On one hand, it is heralded as a symbol of progress and growth, and on the other criticized as a symbol of insensitive […]

“Everyday Urbanism” is based on the daily experience of the city – trips to supermarkets, the commute to work, the journey along the strip passing by the mini-mall, the carwash, and the franchise food emporium.

LA Forum Spring 1997 Lecture Series INSIDE OUT: Critical issues in the Relationship of Architecture and Interior Design April 15 – ARCHITECTURE / INTERIOR DESIGN: THE DESIGN DIVORCE? Panelists: Barbara Barry, Interior Designer Nancy Troy, Art Historian, USC Judith Sheine, […]

IN THIS ISSUE: Lesley Marlene Siegel documents the personalization of an ubiquitous element in Los Angeles’ urban landscape. Four architects, John Chase, John Kaliski, Mohsen Mostafavi and John Dutton set out parameters for urban design in the face of late capitalism. Gary Strang proposes designs for an engineered landscape.

The common theme of the morning is the force, the effect, the primary importance of human actions in shaping the city. Just as urban designers make interventions in the fabric of the city so do the city’s residents’ individual actions […]

The Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles The MOCA Architecture Design Council The Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design present Above, Below & Beside Urban Design, Urban Theory, Urban Culture Saturday, May 14 9:30 am – 4:30 pm […]


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Aaron Betsky

In the Los Angeles of the 1990s, limited views of the architect’s role, and a limited view of the region’s architectural and urban context, have dangerously narrowed both the public and critical understanding of architecture’s nature as a social art. […]

This book features the work of 22 architecture firms, including Michele Saee, AKS Runo, Josh Schweitzer, Guthrie + Buresh, Koning Eizenberg, and COA. The book is drawn from the work of participants in a series of lectures presented during the […]


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Joe Day

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Douglas MacLeod

Architects and city planners don’t always see eye to eye with the public about the desirability of increasing the density of existing urban neighborhoods. A case in point is the show “RE: American Dream”, recently on view at the L.A. […]


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John Chase

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High art architects and their critics have become so fixated on making art out of architecture that they have forgotten how complex a discipline architecture really is.  Their discussion places a high value on the innovation of new vocabularies and […]

Articles by Douglas MacLeod, John Chase, Deborah Murphy

Everyone knows what American automobile design of the 1950s was all about – fins, chrome, swelling curves combined with sharp angles for sex appeal. It is equally clear that the average Nissan Sentra from the 1970s wasn’t trying as hard […]


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Liz Moule

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Aaron Betsky

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John Chase

My own interest in the Beverly Center began when I saw it begin to rise up over the ghosts of former swampland and a kiddie park along Beverly and Third. It was the dearest possible expression of squeezing money out […]


Covering the Basin
by Ben Caffey

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by Aaron Betsky

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A Discourse on Critical Digression
by John Kaliski

Los Angeles has always been a place where small firms do adventurous work on small commissions. It was true for Lloyd Wright, Irving Gill and R.M. Schindler, and it is just as true for their contemporary counterparts. One kind of […]