Photos from the On the Map: Habitation site visits to the Twin Houses in Pacific Palisades, designed by Predock_Frane, and Step up on 5th, designed by Pugh+Scarpa. The site visits were on August 18th & 25th.

Photos from the On the Map: Habitation -The New Carver Apartments, by Michael Maltzan. Supportive Housing for the Skid Row Housing Trust.

Photos from the LA Forum On the Map visit to the Bubeshko Apartment buiding, originally by R.M. Schindler, and recently rehabilitated by DSH Architects.

Site Visit Photos from the LA Forum’s On the Map 2010: Habitation Series.

The HABITATION series is an invitation to experience a form of living that is not necessarily yours, yet encourages critical examination of the players who develop, fund and inhabit Los Angeles from the inner city to the west side.