Forum Newsletter – Summer 1997: Urban Assault Issue


Postscript, After 7 Years
Grahame Shane

Steven Flusty on Skid Row
Steven Flusty

The Shower Truck
Li Wen

Andrew Castrucci/Dystopia Deferred
Joe Day

Introduction Krzysztof Wodiczko and the Homeless Vehicle Project. Krzysztof Wodiczko, one of the creators of the Homeless Vehicle Project in 1988, recently spoke in New York.  He explored the instability of public space in this age of corporate downsizing and […]

Deep in the catacombs of the old cathedral, where an aborted subway line once ran, a congregation of berobed redevelopment officials and real estate financiers stands before an altar decorated with the jewel-encrusted likeness of a high-rise skyline. Behind the altar stands […]

Space Speed Form This Project uses the desire to provide showers for the homeless as a generator for creating architecture and a series of urban moments. SPECIFICATIONS 14 shower stalls powered by 1000 sf of solar panels mounted on the […]

Postered throughout downtown New York last year, the concentric diagram appeared equally an annotated target, enigmatic roadmap, and highly personalized flowchart. Andrew Castrucci composed this spiral of philosophical terms and concrete objects, twining them together in unlikely causal chains that […]