Forum Newsletter – September 1992


Whose Beach Party is this Anyway? Architecture and its Audience
John Chase

Letter from Vienna
Terence Riley

Experimental Architecture in Los Angeles
Nina Lesser

Nomadic Thoughts
Aarden Hank

James Stirling: Full Frontal Up View
Aaron Betsky

While I suspect that I was asked to review Experimental Architecture in Los Angeles and its essays by Aaron Betsky, John Chase, and Leon Whiteson in order to provide an “East Coast” point of view, these comments are being written […]

What makes architecture “experimental?” According to this publication, it appears to be popularity, fashion, and linkage to Frank Gehry and the Morphosis crowd. This definition is useful in that it provides important insight into the values of the current architecture […]

I have always felt slightly guilty about admiring James Stirling. The pleasure I took in his architecture always seemed somewhat perverse. How could I explain to a rational person the delight I took in a floor plan, like that of […]