Forum Newsletter – September 1991


RE: defining the American Dream
Alison Lynn

Dream On
John Chase

State of the Art
Joe Day

Home on the Range
Aaron Betsky

I Like X
Douglas MacLeod

Since the boom of the early 1950s the response to increased demand for housing has been to build outwards. With Los Angeles and its adjoining counties spanning hundreds of square miles, planners have been virtually powerless to control the growth […]

Architects and city planners don’t always see eye to eye with the public about the desirability of increasing the density of existing urban neighborhoods. A case in point is the show “RE: American Dream”, recently on view at the L.A. […]

(or, just Out of Spite?) Out of Site: A Social Criticism of Architecture, edited by Diane Ghirardo, (Seattle: Bay Press, 1991), 249 pages, $16.95 essays by Margaret Crawford, Mike Davis, Rosalyn Deutsche, Kenneth Frampton, Diane Ghirardo, Vincent Pecora, Tony Schuman and Ferruccio […]

At the edge of the city, the forms of the future rise in front of you like an apocalyptic nightmare of normalcy. Coming over the crest of the San Gabriel mountains, you see nothing but the closed compounds of suburban […]