Forum Newsletter – October/November 1990


Two Recent Defeats
Aaron Betsky

How Can I Miss You When You Wont’ Go Away?
John Chase

Them vs Us
Ben Caffey

Jumbo Size Architecture
Alan Hess

Two recent events have brought political realities home to us. The first was the recent forced resignation of Merry Norris from her position as President of the Cultural Affairs Commission. Norris has been instrumental in turning that body into an […]

High art architects and their critics have become so fixated on making art out of architecture that they have forgotten how complex a discipline architecture really is.  Their discussion places a high value on the innovation of new vocabularies and […]

On August 4, a symposium called “Welcome to the Millenium: Architecture Strikes Back” was held in conjunction with the Coop Himmelblau Exhibition at Richard Kuhlenschmidt Gallery.  Behind a table on a raised dais set up in the gallery’s parking lot, […]

If an unexpected volcano out at Mammoth suddenly turned California into a huge, gooey papier-mache snapshot, where should twenty-first century archaeologists start digging to figure us out? What one location will tell them the most about how we lived? I’d […]