Forum Newsletter – October 1989

“The problem is that there is more to architecture than picking out the right exotic wood for that new vegetarian bar. I am concerned at the gap between the formidable formal and the equally formidable thoughtlessness about larger issues played  […]


Covering the Basin
by Ben Caffey

Fragments, Out There
by Aaron Betsky

Shopping for Architecture
by John Chase

A Discourse on Critical Digression
by John Kaliski

This column will endeavor to report not only interesting projects due to be constructed around town, but also to spot trends that raise questions about the development in Los Angeles. Downtown continues to boom with more than 7 million square […]

Out there, on the Plains of Id and in the Ranges of Romance, hidden in alleys and behind bougainvilleas, there are young men and women doing it. This was proven by the Forum series “Out There Doing It” this past […]

Los Angeles has always been a place where small firms do adventurous work on small commissions. It was true for Lloyd Wright, Irving Gill and R.M. Schindler, and it is just as true for their contemporary counterparts. One kind of […]

Last September 16, Los Angeles’ cognoscenti found themselves unintendedly admiring the Biltmore Hotel’s restored ceiling murals while contemplating critical wisdom from architecture critics, architects, redevelopment officials, and a developer.  They were there for an even entitled “Critics and Cranes—Building Downtown […]