Forum Newsletter – May 1990

Articles by Douglas MacLeod, John Chase, Deborah Murphy

The conventional definition of contextualism suggests that new construction should be compatible with existing buildings. To belabor the obvious, this compatibility translates into a similarity of scale, color, proportion, material and other architectural elements. Yet from Hollywood to Hancock Park, […]

Everyone knows what American automobile design of the 1950s was all about – fins, chrome, swelling curves combined with sharp angles for sex appeal. It is equally clear that the average Nissan Sentra from the 1970s wasn’t trying as hard […]

The Los Angeles Design Action Planning Team, (LA/DAPT) was created in 1988 by the City of Los Angeles Planning Department and the Urban Design Advisory Coalition (UADC). The Planning Team was founded on a $32,000 grant from the National Endowment […]