Forum Newsletter – June/July 1991


Babylon Davisited. Or, to boost a Debunker
Joe Day

In Search of Identity
Christian Hubert

Any Part
Peter Lipson

City of Quartz: Excavating the Future of Los Angeles, by Mike Davis, Verso, 462 pages, photographs by Robert Morrow. In a city so often scorched by the sun’s brutal gaze, one seldom confronts the incredible variety of paradox and contradiction frozen in […]

Some notes on the “Anyone” Conference The problematic nature of the subject, long since rejected as a starting point for critical thinking by Structuralists, Post-Structuralists, Marxists and Feminists alike, is today a ubiquitous theme in theoretical discourse. The prevalence of […]

In an act of contrition, I lay down by your side. I should have known better. Closing doors; what a well made world. Please don’t turn a deaf ear to the noises you hear I’m keeping it to myself, but […]