Forum Newsletter – February 1993

Essays on EuroDisney and other urban landscapes by Frank Owen Gehry, Andrea Kahn, Nina B. Lesser, Jonathan Massey, Dana L. Weber, Nicholas Lowe, a photo essay by Kristine Larsen, and more Nomadic Thoughts.

SL: Do you agree with most of the architectural press’s assertion that only your Entertainment Center escaped Disney-itis because it is the only un-themed building at EuroDisneyland? FOG: In before-the-opening views, the building seems to have escaped, but in after-the-opening […]

The Disney Corporation has become a prestigious client among architects. The attention being paid by the architectural press to Disney’s recent commission of several prominent architects has made much of the participation of high-profile architecture in this major cultural enterprise. […]

SEPTEMBER 20, 1992; A FRIEND’S APARTMENT, PARIS: “Agriculture, c’est pas Disneyland” states a farmer in the studio of France Tele 2, during a broadcast of the ECC referendum returns. (Agriculture, c’est pas Disneyland-well, maybe, or maybe not. Both are big […]

Of the many different ideas implied by the phrase “New World Order,” a central theme is the paradoxical breaking down of individual political and economic barriers, on the one hand, and the formation of “blocks” of several independent nations on […]

Every yard is a Sod Frontier. “Land without population is a wilderness, and population without land is a mob.” The fence-object allows nature to become the land subject. The commodification of nature is a product and producer of complacency. Sooner […]