Forum Newsletter – February 1990


A City Transformed
Ben Caffey

Public Planning: The Physical Paradigm
Michael Pittas

Shopping for the Beverly Center
Aaron Betsky

Duchampian Dudes Missing Waves
Raymund Ryan

Los Angeles, the ultimate postwar city, can be likened to an equipotential field: anything is more or less possible anywhere.  One comes to feel, therefore, that its diversity of opportunities and resources are secretly cached within its vast grid and […]

A public planner today seldom does anything like “planning,” which can be understood as a perceptive form of projection, a forecasting which allows us to define the future.  In fact planning, which should be the most pro-active of the profession, […]

Indulgently mining some notion of Surrealism comes the current show at the Gallery of Functional Art.  This chattering bazaar of the obvious and unexpected herds together a potpourri of the local and the international. I’m all for multilateralism, for invading […]