Forum Newsletter – December 1995

IN THIS ISSUE: Lesley Marlene Siegel documents the personalization of an ubiquitous element in Los Angeles’ urban landscape. Four architects, John Chase, John Kaliski, Mohsen Mostafavi and John Dutton set out parameters for urban design in the face of late capitalism. Gary Strang proposes designs for an engineered landscape.

The common theme of the morning is the force, the effect, the primary importance of human actions in shaping the city. Just as urban designers make interventions in the fabric of the city so do the city’s residents’ individual actions […]

As much as we may want to believe that the city is an autonomous work of art, architecture the mother of urban design, and architects and planners the designers of the urban environment, all who have tried to design an […]

In recent years, American architecture has generally deemphasized it specific and intended relationships with the contexts and situations of new buildings in the city. The term context, when used, has invariably been limited to a sense of describing the physical […]

The goal of transforming the environment may be ancient, but our ability to realize that goal is unprecedented. In the late 20th century, our technologies less and less resemble tools – discrete objects that can be considered separately from their […]

Names matter. The difference between naming a hapless infant Mortimer or Hercules charts the destiny of that child. The same is true for pets. They have names because they are the object of human affection. The pet’s name subsumes the […]

The Forum’s summer lecture series, Natural Productions, featured eight speakers who addressed the issue of nature and landscape in the city. Such an issue is particularly complex in Los Angeles, which more than almost any other American city has promoted […]