Forum Issue 7 : Late Moderns

Some years after Bill’s death, Allen Temko, the longtime architectural critic of the San Francisco Chronicle and modernist devotee, reminded me of one of his favorite celebrity lines: “Bill Pereira was Hollywood’s idea of an architect.” He was, of course, […]

Though he is better known for his shopping malls of the 1950’s and 60’s, Victor Gruen spent the earlier part of his career designing stores. As M. Jeffrey Hardwick’s recent biography of Gruen, Mall Maker (2004), tells it, Gruen began his […]

The Early Development of the Late-Modern Glass Skin in the Collaborative Works of Cesar Pelli and Anthony Lumsden In 1964, the large, multi-service, Los Angeles architectural firm of Daniel Mann Johnson, & Mendenhall (DMJM) hired Cesar Pelli as the first […]

The mid decades of the twentieth century were the heyday of Imperial California. The Golden State’s population swelled, its youth revolutionized the nation’s commerce and culture, its entertainment industry colonized the globe, and its aerospace industry ruled the future. Like […]

Situated between the domesticated modernism of the Case Study Houses and the Santa Monica School neo-avant-garde, Los Angeles’s late modern architects, big firms like Victor Gruen Associates, Luckman and Pereira, Albert C. Martin and Associates, and Welton Becket did much […]