event photos

Photos from the opening night of the exhibit:  Connection Points: Konrad Wachsmann Reconsidered – Analytical Drawings and Models by John Enright. All photos by Luke Gibson Photography.

Photos from the LA Forum On the Map visit to the Bubeshko Apartment buiding, originally by R.M. Schindler, and recently rehabilitated by DSH Architects.

Site Visit Photos from the LA Forum’s On the Map 2010: Habitation Series.

Photos from the Femmes Fatales IV Pecha-Kucha @ WUHO on July 14th.

In conjunction with the DINGBAT 2.0 COMPETITION & EXHIBITION, the LA Forum held two panel discussions to consider Dingbat apartment buildings from urban and iconographic points of view.  The discussions covered a range of topics, including the submitted and winning […]

Dingbat 2.0 Exhibition – Opening Night Photos from the Exhibition opening.   Awards were given to the winning and honorable mention entries for the Dingbat 2.0 Exhibition.   For complete information on the winning work in the exhibit, see here. All photos: […]