Eric Kahn

The jury for the second phase of the Dead Malls competition met on Saturday, March 1. In conjunction with the announcement of the competition winners and the exhibition of the finalists’ work, a reception to celebrate the completion of the […]

What is the proper territory for the practice of architecture?: We interview Margaret Crawford on distinctions between art and architecture, Eric Kahn writes to Robert Stern on the destruction of architecture from within, and Scott Cohen argues for uncovering a different relationship between architecture and its subject through formal research. Pat Morton provides additional insight into our many Urban Revisions.

‘Panic in the Year Zero’ Architecture Under Duress: Modernity: The Questions of Revisionism or Recontexualization, by Eric Kahn Life Magazine 1271 Avenue of the Americas New York, New York 10020   To: Editor Fr: Central Office of Architecture Re: LIFE […]

A series of a dozen black-and-white photographs by COA “created through the super-imposition of found urban artifacts pulled from their functional context and treated as fragment and empty sign” with accompanying text.