Downtown Los Angeles

This area contains one of the largest homeless populations in the United States. Most of the photos in this series were made in the courtyard of the Midnight Mission where sanctuary has been provided for those who have nowhere else […]

Like many Angelinos, I come from the Midwest. And in Midwestern cities like the Cleveland of my birth, when somebody says Downtown, everybody knows what is being talked about. Downtown is where the tall buildings are. Los Angeles, of course, […]

Edited by Vinayak Bharne and Alan A. Loomis After the Second World War, cities devastated by the conflict had to rebuild themselves. Los Angeles, devastated by self-inflicted Urban Renewal, began the rebuilding process soon after. This issue examines the several […]

Edited by Tim Durfee and Jack Burnett-Stuart Our second newsletter is now online. This time we address two new Los Angeles landmarks: Raphael Moneo’s Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels and Frank Gehry’s Disney Concert Hall. ARTICLES: Ruins and […]

What possible futures exist for a sustainable downtown Los Angeles? For nearly half a century downtown Los Angeles was virtually abandoned as a place to both live and work. In recent years however, some urban renewal plans have come to […]

On June 17, 2003 the collaborative LAH*UB [Los Angeles H* Urban Bureau] sponsored a panel discussion at Gallery 727 on the subject of public space in downtown Los Angeles, in conjuction with their Civic Park Proposals competition/exhibit (see Issue 5). […]

“Disney Hall finally puts Downtown on the map and gives Downtown something of substance that was missing. Still, we have to ask: should the focus Downtown be on creating monuments or connective tissue? Downtown needs walkable streets, green spaces for […]

Thomas Guide page 634 F-4 The Los Angeles H* Urban Bureau (LAH*UB), an L.A. based collaborative of artists and architects, actively experiments with modes of research in downtown Los Angeles. In the last year, we have focused almost all of […]

If we liberate ourselves from the myopia that there is a single legitimate sensibility to measure the spirit of our time, we will hear a dialogue between the two cathedrals in Los Angeles. The emerging new cathedral is poised to […]

What happens when the currency of the late twentieth century and now the burgeoning twenty-first, the “real” telescopes back in on itself? When the all the Osbornes and Survivors and Anna Nicole Smiths lose the sardonic smirk and implode in […]

The street bustles with people; music roars out from the stores; salespeople urge you into their shops and merchandise spills out into the sidewalks. This is Broadway Street in the historic downtown Los Angeles. Once the home to shops like […]

The inaugural issue of Forum Annual is now available. It marks the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design’s first print periodical after a five-year absence. Forum Annual is our reaction to a void we perceive in the city. […]

Downtown could be Los Angeles’ next suburb. Not in the negative way that suburbs are commonly viewed, with sprawling development and isolated uses, but in the old-fashioned way, as a new residential community suffused with hope for the future. Where […]

LA Forum Newsletter – May 1994: Ruminations on the places, buildings, shops and people of Downtown Los Angeles, on and off Broadway.

This column will endeavor to report not only interesting projects due to be constructed around town, but also to spot trends that raise questions about the development in Los Angeles. Downtown continues to boom with more than 7 million square […]