Dead Malls

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The inaugural issue of Forum Annual is now available. It marks the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design’s first print periodical after a five-year absence. Forum Annual is our reaction to a void we perceive in the city. […]

The Forum announces a return to its printed pamphlet series, beginning with a pamphlet for the Dead Malls competition. Featuring the work of all five finalists in color as well as other entrants in the competition, this pamphlet critically investigates […]

The jury for the second phase of the Dead Malls competition met on Saturday, March 1. In conjunction with the announcement of the competition winners and the exhibition of the finalists’ work, a reception to celebrate the completion of the […]

The jury for the first phase of the “Dead Malls” competition will meet this Saturday, December 7. Following the judging, a “Night of the Living Dead Mall” celebration featuring the music of DJ Dewey Ambrosino will take place at The […]

The LA Forum would like to thank everyone who entered the competition. We received a wide range of proposals dealing with a variety of malls worldwide each of which explored a diverse array of strategies for the malls’ resuscitation. The […]

The Forum proposes an open, two-part, ideas competition to envision the future of the mall. This competition challenges the design and planning community to counter the trend towards the deriliction, abandonment, and “death” of the regional mall and invites approaches […]

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