Christian Hubert

Unfinished Business Panel Discussion Images On July 14, 2012, The Los Angeles Forum conducted two panel discussion in conjunction with the UNFINISHED BUSINESS retrospective exhibition. Images by Monica Nouwens and Luke Gibson Panel 1: Publishing as Practice July 14, 2012  at 2 pm […]

Unfinished Business: Panel Discussions   Please join the LA Forum on Saturday afternoon, July 14th for two panel discussions in conjunction with our UNFINISHED BUSINESS retrospective exhibition.  The opening night reception for the exhibition follows immediately after the discussions. Panel […]

Cyberspace and Architecture Interview with Christian Hubert by Stephen Perrella SP: As an architect, how are you engaged in virtual reality and how do you consider this work in relation to “built projects”? CH: I think it is important to […]


Whose Beach Party is this Anyway? Architecture and its Audience
John Chase

Letter from Vienna
Terence Riley

Experimental Architecture in Los Angeles
Nina Lesser

Nomadic Thoughts
Aarden Hank

James Stirling: Full Frontal Up View
Aaron Betsky

Sylvia Lavin guest edits this issue, soliciting statements from various participants in various initiatives, which offers an educational glimpse of the lay of the changing architectural land regarding the education of an architect.

The architectural culture of any metropolis both needs and is reflected by the quality of its bookstores. More than places to buy books, they are indispensable educational resources for the communities they serve. For many professionals, bookstores take the place […]

Arch Info (Architecture and Information) addresses architecture as information and takes the form of a HyperCard Stack for the Macintosh computer. Includes a computer diskette with all required software, duly licensed for personal use. Also included are 40 printed 4 […]


Babylon Davisited. Or, to boost a Debunker
Joe Day

In Search of Identity
Christian Hubert

Any Part
Peter Lipson

Some notes on the “Anyone” Conference The problematic nature of the subject, long since rejected as a starting point for critical thinking by Structuralists, Post-Structuralists, Marxists and Feminists alike, is today a ubiquitous theme in theoretical discourse. The prevalence of […]

On August 4, a symposium called “Welcome to the Millenium: Architecture Strikes Back” was held in conjunction with the Coop Himmelblau Exhibition at Richard Kuhlenschmidt Gallery.  Behind a table on a raised dais set up in the gallery’s parking lot, […]


The Playa Vista Alternative
Liz Moule

The Absent Debate
Aaron Betsky

Shopping for Architecture: The Sequel
John Chase

A continuing series of informal presentations and discussions by practitioners in Los Angeles July 17: John Lautner July 24: Michael Burch O’Herlihy + Warner July 31: Guthrie + Buresh; Lubowicki Lanier August 7: Janek Bielski: Christian Hubert August 14: Josh […]


Futurist Flaneurs and Fashion
Ray Ryan

Notes on the Edge
Christian Hubert

Underlying the recent Forum discussion series, “Living on the Edge: Towards an Architecture of Housing” was a question: to what extent is the single-family house still appropriate as a model for thinking housing in Los Angeles? The recent competition sponsored […]