case study

Thomas Guide page 674 F-5 The Augustus F. Hawkins Natural Park is widely touted as an urban greening success story. For almost a century, the site, at the corner of Slauson and Compton Avenues in a heavily industrialized corridor, was […]

Thomas Guide page 594 J-6 Welcome to one of the ugliest, most devastated spots on the Los Angeles River – that is, if you can find it. The confluence of the river and the Arroyo Seco can take some effort […]

Thomas Guide page 671 H-1 The narrative of lost public life and public space is prevalent throughout Los Angeles. It may be valid to say that public space has largely been commodified and rarely becomes truly public in that some […]

Case studies documenting the privatization of what was once public space though methods such as street barricades, fortification, security systems, etc.