Andrew Liang

The LA Forum Portfolio is a limited edition series of prints by contemporary artists. By engaging in the local art community, the LA Forum takes a step back to view architecture from a conceptual and visual perspective. The resulting prints […]

The Forum spoke with the heads of seven local architecture and design programs to inquire how the schools are rethinking design education in the face of accelerated cultural production, changes necessitated by new technologies, and altered societal relations between the design community, the producing/constructing sector and the lay public.

An overview of 7 upcoming book releases including: Polychromie Architecturale: Le Corbusier’s Color Keyboard, Sverre Fehn: Warhs and Projects, Writings 1949-1996, Frank O. Gehry: The Complete Works, Three Concepts, The Situationist City, Ballers + Wilson: New Buildings and Projects, Architecture Principe 1966 and 1996.