Alan Hess

A panel to discuss cultural and iconographic aspects of the dingbat apartment building in Los Angeles – both existing conditions as well as proposals from the LA Forum’s recently completed Dingbat 2.0 Design Competition.

Edited by Tom Marble After the Second World War, cities devastated by the conflict had to rebuild themselves. Los Angeles, devastated by self-inflicted Urban Renewal, began the rebuilding process soon after. This issue examines the several ways in which corporate […]


Two Recent Defeats
Aaron Betsky

How Can I Miss You When You Wont’ Go Away?
John Chase

Them vs Us
Ben Caffey

Jumbo Size Architecture
Alan Hess

If an unexpected volcano out at Mammoth suddenly turned California into a huge, gooey papier-mache snapshot, where should twenty-first century archaeologists start digging to figure us out? What one location will tell them the most about how we lived? I’d […]