Jenna Didier

Architects today co-conspire with a host of key figures in a fluid exchange of imagination spanning from pre-design to post-occupancy. Whether privately volleyed or publicly launched, these dynamic, ad-hoc, and non-linear exchanges provide the fuel that drives design and makes innovation possible. Through interrogating and encouraging these conversations, the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design hopes to offer a greater understanding of how architecture is produced, assembled, and disseminated in the contemporary cultural milieu.

Sung is working on developing smart thermobimetals, an unfamiliar material to architecture, as a third skin (the first is human flesh, the second clothing and the third architecture). Sung will install a large demonstrative sun-shading structure called “Bloom”, made primarily out of thermobimetal at the Materials&Application Gallery in Los Angeles in October 2011

The Los Angeles Forum’s annual Out There Doing It lecture series provides a forum for alternative, young, emerging, experimental, research-based, and conceptual design practices to speak about their work before their peers. Listen to and join in dialogue with the speakers […]