Pecha Kucha Rules & Participation

The following rules for Pecha Kucha were developed by Klein Dytham Architects. With grateful permission, they have been copied wholesale from Klein Dytham but are updated to reflect its staging in Los Angeles.

Here is your chance to be a provocateur of your thoughts, ideas, design, or something unexpected that you want to share with everyone. Hosted by the LA Forum, anyone in the art, architecture, or design world can ’show’ and tell. We encourage everyone from architects, architectural students, fashion designers, critics or any creative person to participate. There will be limited slots for participants.  Each person will have twenty images; each image will be shown for 20 seconds. You can talk along with your slides, if you want.  Above all, this is a chance to share and have fun.


1. Limited slots available for up to 20 presenters.

2. 20 images (best to size your jpegs at 10″ x 7.5″, 96 dpi), formatted into a 20-slide powerpoint file (no transitions or timers set, please).

3. 20 seconds – each image will be shown for 20 seconds – the presenter has NO control over this – the computer will be set at 20 seconds, there is no going back!

4. Quicktime movies are acceptable as long as they don’t exceed 00:06:40 total.

5. Submissions due one week prior to presentation date.  Email your powerpoint files as ‘first_lastname.ppt’ to: Subject heading:  PK night.  Large files may be sent via

6. Presentations begin promptly at 20:20.


Limited slots are available.  Please RSVP to and include the following information.





General idea of your presentation subject matter:

Have you presented before?


For more information on the original concept of Pecha Kucha, go to  Los Angeles Pecha Kucha Night events are also posted on