Pecha Kucha

Easily the most informal of the LA Forum’s serial events, Pecha Kucha was originally created by Tokyo’s Klein Dytham Architects.  Pecha Kucha is a Japanese term that roughly translates as chit-chat, or perhaps as irritating chatter.  It is a new kind of venue for anyone involved in, or interested in, architecture, design, fashion, and art, and consists of 20 people showing 20 images each, each for 20 seconds. The presentations start at 8:20 (20:20 in military time). Pecha Kucha is intended to inspire a broad mix of participants – from well-known practitioners to students, recent graduates, and new firms presenting their work for the first time.

Image Credit: Brandon Shigeta (Flickr)

Since the LA Forum brought PK night to Los Angeles in 2004, it has continued to expand to many cities throughout the world.  In Los Angeles, Pecha Kucha has been held at Chinatown’s Mountain Bar, the Forum’s gallery space at Woodbury Hollywood Exhibitions and other venues throughout the city.  The Forum introduced a sub-series Femme-Fatales, comprised of only female presenters, which had it’s 3rd episode in the Summer of 2009. The Forum also participated in the ‘Global Pecha Kucha Day for Haiti’  in 2010, with an event at SCI-Arc, to help raise funds for earthquake relief.

Visit the Pecha Kucha website for more info.

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