Out There Doing It.
Select emerging architects, designers, and writers present work and reflect on Southern California’s cultural landscape. Their work ventures, sometimes organically and sometimes parasitically, into extra-disciplinary territories and includes film, gaming, publishing, and narrative.
The Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design has been at the center of the city’s architectural discourse since 1987. Through each decade — the scrappy 1980s, the experimental 1990s, and the booming 2000s — the Forum has vigorously interrogated the culture of architecture and urban design in Los Angeles.
Idea competitions and the John Chase Memorial Fund grant program challenges designers to address current issues. Our open call competitions pose timely questions to the design community. Past contests re-evaluated dingbat housing for today’s L.A. and addressed what to do with dead malls.
The festive party and fundraiser celebrates the best and brightest of the Los Angeles architecture community.
On The Map.
On The Map events invite designers to reveal the methods of their architectural making and building, spanning a continuum from the high-tech digital on one end, to the analog and hand- crafted on the other. We invite you to tour the facilities where the magic happens and engage in the discussion about what it is that architects do.
Special Series.
LA Forum often collaborates and produces special series with other organizations in and out of Los Angeles.
In The Gutter.
Member's Only.
On the Block.