In Medias Res, “in the midst of things,” or “into the middle of affairs,” is a narrative device that begins a story in the middle or at the end. These events are staged as ongoing conversations in architecture, conversations in which a beginning has already happened or maybe never did. Nonetheless we are already in the middle of it all–not sure how we got here. Or, from another perspective, these practices, critics and pedagogues position the field of architecture in the midst of things. Things that have their own sense of time – from the tides of fashion to machine-like regularity, from musical harmony to the unpredictability of weather. So let’s begin – in the middle.


October 28th:

B+U (Herwig Baumgartner & Scott Uriu) with Stephen Phillips

November 11th:

Andrew Atwood with Marcelyn Gow

November 18th:

Elena Manferdini with Dora Epstein Jones

*All lectures begin at 7:30 and will be held at the MAK Center for Art and Architecture at the Schindler House, 835 N. King’s Road, West Hollywood, 90069. Lectures are free for members / $5 students / $10 professional non-members.

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