The Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design launches its fall 2004 series, New Spaces and New Cartographers. New Spaces and New Cartographers examines the fields and networks defining contemporary spatiality together with the extraterritorial spaces remaining left over or deliberately excluded and proposes new methods of mapping for this emerging spatial regime.

Sunday October 10 : Trevor Paglen
Trevor Paglen will present some of the images and recordings associated with his research into secret military bases and installations in the American southwest. He will show photographs collected using specialized telephotography, creative use of the Freedom of Information Act, and loose networks of “secret-base” buffs, and present audio recordings of military activity collected with specially-modified scanners and radios. Along the way, he will discuss the peculiar problems of representation that arise when the “object” of representation is a state secret whose presence can only be inferred through barely-intelligible fragments. In addition to this, Paglen will speak about a new project entitled “Stealthwatchers: A Public Service” which involves organizing public expeditions to the vicinity of secret bases in California and Nevada.
Trevor Paglen is an artist, writer, and experimental geographer working out of the Department of Geography at the University of California, Berkeley. Forging a hybrid practice between contemporary art, social science, and investigative journalism, his work in “experimental lecture,” installation, photography, sound, and video has shown at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art (2003), U.C. San Diego (2004), the California College of the Arts (2002), and numerous other arts venues, universities, conferences, and public spaces. He is a contributing editor to the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest, directs the Center for Experimental Geography at U.C. Berkeley, and develops tactical media projects with the prison-abolitionist group Critical Resistance.
at the Mountain Bar in Chinatown, 475 Gin Ling Way, Chinatown, 8:00pm.

Thursday November 11 : 34 North 118 West
34 North 118 West – Jeremy Hight, Jeff Knowlton and Naomi Spellman – uses live gps data and interactive mapping in downtown Los Angeles’s Artists’s District to reveal long-forgotten narratives about the area’s former role as a railroad hub.
at the Mountain Bar, 473 Gin Ling Way in Los Angeles’s Chinatown, 7:30pm.

Monday November 15 : Dead Malls Pamphlet launch with Julia Christensen
The Forum celebrates the launch of “Dead Malls,” the first pamphlet in a new series of Forum publications with a special presentation by artist-researcher Julia Christensen on the reuse of big box shopping centers []. A discussion with Warren Techentin, director of the Dead Malls Competition, follows. Buy your pamphlet here or online.
at The Mountain Bar, 473 Gin Ling Way in Los Angeles’s Chinatown, 8:00pm.

Thursday November 18 : Keller Easterling
Architect Keller Easterling’s new book Enduring Innocence explores hilarious and dangerous spatial products that mix all too easily with cunning political platforms. In “Believers and Cheaters” she presents misadventures in offshore worlds such as the island of Nauru. Nauru, the world’s smallest country, faces a ?nancial and ecological disaster over its depleted phosphate resources, a disaster impacting the world’s super powers.
at the Center for Land Use Interpretation, 9331 Venice Boulevard, Culver City, 8:00pm.

Sunday December 5 : AUDC
Steve Rowell, Robert Sumrell, and Kazys Varnelis of AUDC present two recent works. The first addresses the impact of tele-communications on urban form and human behavior and the second explores the growth of Quartzsite, Arizona, a town of 5,000 in the summer that swells into an instant city every winter with the influx of more than a million RV dwellers.
at the Mountain Bar, 473 Gin Ling Way in Los Angeles’s Chinatown, 8:00pm.

Sunday December 12 : Holiday Party celebrating Forumemo Portfolio 1 and Forum Annual 2004
Celebrate the start of the holidays and the end of the year with the Forum in an evening co-curated by Warren Techentin and Tom Marble. Cool cutting-edge art mixes with cold draft beer and Chinese food. Warm attitude required upon entry.