Mary Hodson, Marcarthur Park #9 (Habitar)

The LA Forum Portfolio is a limited edition series of prints by contemporary artists. By engaging in the local art community, the LA Forum takes a step back to view architecture from a conceptual and visual perspective. The resulting prints provide a varied look at Los Angeles’ design practices and urban landscape.

Each portfolio is a limited edition. All proceeds go directly to LA Forum programming, which provides lectures, discussions, tours, catalogues and events open to any with an interest in design.

2003 Portfolio (Originally titled The Forumemo Portfolio)

The selected artists were asked to create an original work based on the architecture of a local firm. They are Mary Hodson on Habitar, Mitchell Kane on Studio 010, Pae White on Techentin Buckingham, Jim Isermann on Christophe Cornubert, T. Kelly Mason on Shubin & Donldson, Jim Feldman on Jorge Pardo, Sam Durant on Amy Murphy and Sharon Lockhart on Escher GuneWardena.

Each portfolio contains eight prints and one box designed by Jorge Pardo. The prints are 15-1/2 x 22 inches each.

Printed by Robert Grahmbeek of Lemon Sky

Curated by Tom Marble

Only 3 left in the edition of 25

If you have interest in purchasing this portfolio please contact the Forum:

Mitchell Kane, Studio 010 (Andrew Liang and Li Wen)

Pae White, Everyone (Techentin Buckingham Architecture)

Jim Isermann, Push (Christophe Cornubert)

T. Kelly Mason, Panelectric (Shubin and Donaldson)

Jim Feldman, Untitled (Jorge Pardo)

Sam Durant, Schindler Church/Rear (Amy Murphy)

Sharon Lockhart, Untitled (Escher Gunewardena)

Box by Jorge Pardo