All the Great Ones Leak, James Michael Tate

After an absence of ten+ years, the LA Forum announces the re-launching of the printed LA Forum Newsletter!  The Newsletter will be published 2-3 times a year, and the premiere issue features articles by Frank Escher and Simon Reynolds*, as well as an interview with Radio Iris author Anne-Marie Kinney and a centerfold (above) by James Michael Tate.

For a downloadable PDF copy of the Newsletter, click on the image or direct link below.

LA Forum Newsletter – Spring 2013

Newsletter Centerfold Image:

All the Great Ones Leak, James Michael Tate

In 2012, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House sold for $4.5 million dollars, a deal at 30% of the initial listing price. Built into the sale was the fateful condition: that the owner be committed to “complete rehabilitation of this irreplaceable icon.” While architects, preservationists and cult fans find themselves nostalgic about the edifice, the market places little to no value on the property. It begs the question how does one rehab an intentional ruin?

*Note that the article by Simon Reynolds is not available in the online version of the newsletter.  To request a copy of the printed newsletter, write to: