Woodbury School of Architecture and the Woodbury University Hollywood Gallery (WUHO) present Un-Privileged Views, co-curated by Eric Olsen and Keith Mitnick, with Danielle Etzler, Reto Geiser, Keith Krumwiede, Mireille Roddier, Paulette Singley, and Mark Wasiuta. The cross-intuitional curatorial team brings together distinguished architecture faculty from Woodbury School Architecture, Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning at University of Michigan, Harvard Graduate School of Design, Rice University, Yale School of Architecture, and Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation.

Un-Privileged Views collects “anti-iconic views,” both in terms of visual experience and political reality, of a broad selection of cities and promotes unfamiliar views of familiar places in order to change how we think about and represent them. Public images of cities tend to be defined by the iconic photographs with which their buildings, neighborhoods, skylines and vistas are represented, even though the views portrayed in these stereotypical images are frequently at odds with the life of the city and the reality of what occurs in them.

The exhibition includes selections from a juried call for proposals. Participants were asked to consider the views, the techniques, and the visual sensibilities that best encapsulate an attitude or polemic of the city at large. The selected works foreground the physical characteristics of the image, by incorporating different photographic techniques: printing, enlarging, processing, experiments in large format.

Un-Privileged Views opens 6:00pm, March 3 at the WUHO Gallery in Hollywood and features the work of artists and architects from across the world including: Martin Hogue, Eric Mayer and Justin Bernard, Central Standard Office of Design / Kelly Bair, ASK / Katerina Pertselaki, Andreas Stavrianoudakis-Kampas, Michael Borowski, Matilde Cassani, Bryony Roberts, Marie Combes, Genevieve Baudoin and Bruce Johnson, McLain Clutter, Deborah Richmond, Neeraj Bhatia / The Open Workshop, Noemi Mollet, Reto Geiser / MG&Co., Superficial Studio, Danielle Etzler, Mitnick Roddier, Mirelle Roddier and Gerard Smulevich.

Text from Woodbury University  Unprivileged Views Press Release
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