Site Visit Photos from Harper West Hollywood:

Just opened for sale, the Harper was literally built around a garden apartment complex built in 1925. Architect of the new loft buildings, Ric Abramson, talked about the trials and tribulations of the 3-year design & entitlements process and the 3-year building process with multiple construction superintendents.  Most interestingly, the west hollywood community staged an uprising about the potential demolition of the existing complex — long story short — the property received a “site plan designation”.  Not quite a historic designation, it called for preservation of the walkways, paths and relationships of the existing buildings to the garden.  The exterior shells of the buildings remain, but the interiors are redone.

The entire site now has 40 units – 8 of which are part of the Inclusionary Housing Program, three reserved for former residents who were vacated and will be returning to a fresh coat of paint and new finishes.