As the LA Forum gears up for it’s 25th year in 2012, we welcome new members to the Board of Directors – James Black, Russel Fortmeyer, Matthew Gillis, Eric Olsen, Bianca Siegl, Michael Sweeney, Linda Taalman and Mimi Zeiger.  The new members join returning board members Heather Flood, Siobhán Burke, Thurman Grant, Gloria Lee, Emily Morishita, Ingalill Wahloors-Ritter, John Southern, Iris Anna Regn, Carmen Cham, Duane Mclemore and John Winston.  The board also elected officers for the coming year:  Thurman Grant and Siobhán Burke were elected to be President and Vice President respectively, Gloria Lee to be  Treasurer, Emily Morishita to be VP of Operations, Carmen Cham to be VP of Information, and Duane Mclemore to be the VP of Development.

The Forum would also like to extend our gratitude to outgoing President Jason Kerwin and board members Ewan Branda, Margaret Griffin, Todd Gannon, Rick Miller, Francie Stefan, Rosten Woo and Joshua Stein for their service and significant contributions to the Forum’s mission in recent years.