The Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design presents the West Coast Premiere of “I Fell to Her” 1995, 29 mins., dir. R. Malcolm Hunybee.

A stewardess navigates through an uncertain world. Bombs explode at random. An industrialist dons rubber gloves for fear of germs. A peddler sells trinkets in a waning light. A priest offers solace with conditions. Shot on location at Rem Koolhaas’ Kunsthal in Rotterdam, Congrexpo in Lille, and Villa dall’Ava in Paris, and fueled by a pounding mambo soundtrack, the film interrogates some of Koolhaas’ most trenchant tropes–the floating swimming pool, the naked elevator, the underprogrammed epicenter, the exacerbated structure–as it trails a group of hapless characters through a neo-modernist dystopia.

R. Malcolm Hunybee is the collective of Dan Herman, Brian Bell and David Yocum. The group made many Super-8 films in the 1990s, among them “Showgirls of Las Vegas,” “Affair at High Court,” “Hive,” and “I Fell to Her.” The latter was made in the context of a Harvard Design School-sponsored tour of the buildings of Rem Koolhaas. Inasmuch as Koolhaas had frequently discussed his buildings as sequences of events and even “scripts”, the filmmakers approached Koolhaas’ buildings as narratives waiting to happen.

8:00pm at the Mountain, 475 Gin Ling Way, Chinatown.