≥ Drawn: New Works by Jennifer Gilman
Opening: Friday, February 10, 6:30 p.m.
February 10-25
Wedge Gallery
Woodbury University School of Architecture

Former LA Forum Online Gallery artist Jennifer Gilman’s work takes the act of drawing and makes it physical. For ≥ Drawn, her site-specific installation in the Wedge Gallery, she uses the space as a canvas. Her work is performed at a 1:1 scale or as she writes, “the body occupying the building and the drawing simultaneously.” Gilman will transform the gallery over the course of several days, moving through the room and shifting her medium to respond to particular cultural, material, and phenomenological atmospheres. When the exhibition opens on Friday, February 10, it will mark just one point in the evolution of the piece. As such, Gilman’s ≥ Drawn is, as the title suggests, greater than any static drawing.

“We draw imaginary lines between all things—between art and architecture, drawing and sculpture, 2D and 3D, past and future, space and time, micro and macro, mind and body, thought and feeling, oneself and other,” says Gilman. “It is in straddling these thresholds that transubstantiation becomes possible: one eye cast in each direction, each seeing an alternate reality, the two images superimposed and vibrating in the imagination. It is this ambiguity that allows for the richness of association that interests me the most.”

Jennifer Gilman is an artist and architectural Designer based in Los Angeles. Her recent exhibitions include “Roma Rossa” a temporary site specific installation at the Gallery of the American Academy in Rome where she was a Visiting Artist for three months, and “Liminal Drift,” as a featured artist for the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design’s Online Gallery.

Located in a sliver of the School of Architecture, the Wedge is the exhibition venue for the Los Angeles–Burbank campus. The gallery space presents multiple shows a semester, each exhibition fitting into an overarching theme. As a venue, WEDGE addresses and brings together two audiences, the Burbank campus and Los Angeles’ greater architecture and design community. The space exhibits student work, giving students the opportunity to learn from their classmates’ drawings and models, as well as work by invited architects, artists, and faculty members.

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