The Forum Goes Out Into the Garden…and Beyond

6/22 Emmet L. Wemple and Marcia A. Babalas, Landscape Architects

Emmet L. Wemple & Associates is one of Southern California’s most important site planning and urban design firms. Their landscape projects can be found around the world. Local works include the J. Paul Getty Museum, and the new Getty Center under construction in West Los Angeles. Projects often include the collaborative efforts of artists, environmental designers and architects.

7/6 Helen Mayer Harrison and Newton Harrison, Environmental Artists, Professors at UCSD

The Harrisons have been collaborating since 1971. Their work has been shown at, and is included in the collections of LACMA, MOM A, and the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art among many others.
Works include a reclamation piece at Art Park, the design for a Wetland Walk for Boulder Creek, and the conceptual design for the reclamation of Devil’s Gate Debris Basin in Pasadena. Projects in process include proposals for the reclamation of strip mines in Bitterfield, Germany and Northern Bohemia,
Czechoslavakia as well as others.

7/13 Achva Benzinberg Stein, Landscape Architect, Dean Landscape Architecture USC

Achva Stein has worked extensively in planning and urban design as well as landscape design. Her work addresses both environmental and social issues, and can be found in Israel, and on the East Coast as well as here in California. Projects have been featured in L.A . Architect, Architectural Record, and the New York Times Weekend Supplement.

Mia Lehrer, Landscape Architect
Mia Lehrer has designed landscapes of all scales, from institutional to residential. Her work has been included in GA Houses, House and Garden Magazine, and Architectural Record. She has also collaborated with many architects including Kappe Architects and Ricardo Legorreta.

7/20 Robert M. Fletcher, Landscape Architect
Robert Fletcher has been practicing landscape architecture in Los Angeles since 1977. He was one of five finalists in the Pershing Square competition with Barton Phelps and Hak Sik Son. He has also collaborated with Koning Eisenberg Architects. His work has been published in Progressive Architecture, House and Garden, and the Los Angeles Times Magazine among others.

Miyoshi Barosh, Editor of NowTime, Instal lation Artist
A talk centering on the cultural, social, and political context and content of the eighteenth-century picturesque garden, outlining the dynamics of capita list industrialism where “reality” and “art” had switched places, concluding with local, contemporary manifestations of that intersection of man-made unreality and the public sphere.

8/3 Pamela Burton of Burton and Spitz, Landscape Architect, Lecturer
Pamela Burton has been making landscapes since 1975. Her work combines a knowledge of plant material and the history of landscape, with an interest in architectural spaces which have symbolic resonances. Her work has been featured in the book Garden Digest, Progressive Architecture and Process magazine.

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