L.A Urbanism: New Public Realms

24 January
Doug Suisman

31 January
Steven Flusty

7 February
Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris

21 February
George Lipsitz

28 February
Marco de Michelis

7 March
Joanne Berelowitz

DOUG SUISMAN is the founder and principal of Public Works Design and has gained wide recognition for his research and design of public spaces in American cities. His monograph “Los Angeles Boulevard” was published as Forum Publication NO. 5 in 1989.  He will be speaking on transportation infrastructure and public space.  STEVEN FLU STY is the author of the forthcoming Forum Publication No. 11 “Building Paranoia.”  His pamphlet and current research analyze “strategies of spatial control” in the creation of what he terms “interdictory space.”  ANASTASIA LOUKAITOU-SIDERIS is Assistant Professor at UCLA’s Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Planning.  Her research and publications investigate the privatization of public space, in particular urban plazas and parks.  GEORGE LIPSITZ is Professor of Ethnic Studies at the University of California, San Diego.  He is the author of numerous books which examine the relationship between urban form, street culture, and race in American cities.  MARCO DE MICHELIS is Professor of Architecture at the Istituto di Architettura in Venice, Italy.  He has contributed to and served on the editorial board of many major architectural journals, and was editor of Ottagono from 1990-92.  He was a Getty Scholar in 1992-93 when he began research for his current project on the work of Frank Gehry.  JOANNE BERELOWITZ is Assistant Professor of Art History at San Diego State University.  Her recent published work examined recent developments of downtown Los Angeles, primarily looking at MOCA as the anthropomorphized body of Marilyn Monroe.  Her current work is a critical reading of City Walk.

All lectures are at 8PM at the Schindler House,
835 N. Kings Road.
Admission is free for Forum members, $7 for nonmembers.
For information call (213) 852-7145.