Trafficking in Marginalia

For this issue we compiled a reading list of suggestions from our friends and colleagues. As the titles came in, we noticed that the overwhelming majority bore no direct relation to conventional architectural discourse. It may be the summer, or it may just be that everyone blew their budget on S,M,L,XL. ln any event, we continue this side stepping of the mainstream and present reviews of books that themselves are disparate collections of essays on art theory, visuality and postmodern urbanism. Grahame Shane describes incursions made by alternate voices and views of the city in Postmodern Cities and Spaces, Joe Day argues for a broadening of architectural vision in a decade of pragmatism in his review of the Dia Art Foundation Discussion Series, while Kevin O’Brien poses alternatives to erudition in his review of Compulsive Beauty.

Meanwhile, Tom Marble describes the materialization of a screenplay in the mind of a designer, while Arden Yang presents the architectural imaginings of a movie producer. In closing this issue we remember the passing of a good friend.

The newsletter has been redesigned, and we gratefully acknowledge the talents and generosity of Richard Massey and Massive Design.

-the editors


REVIEW: Post-Modern Cities and Spaces
Reviewed by Grahame Shane

The Architecture of Hollywood
Tom Marble

REVIEW: Vision and Visuality and
Visual Display: Culture Beyond Appearances
Glass, Beyond the Looking
Joe Day

REVIEW: Compulsive Beauty
Moshing in the Surrealist Pit
Kevin O’Brien

King Residence, Los Angeles
Arden Yang

In Memoriam: FDI
John Dutton

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