Forum Update

What is this?
It’s a newsletter…an announcement…no, it’s both.  In an effort to conserve our reserves and to regularize our mailings, the Board approved this combo-format.  Comments, tomatoes…the jury’s still out.  Thanks to Sylvia Lavin for coming to our aid and guest editing this issue.

The Book/Its Exhibition
It wasn’t just a figment of Aaron’s overzealous imagination.  Advance copies of the soon-to-be-available, Rizzoli-published, Forum book, Experimental Architecture in Los Angeles, have been sighted but not yet in bookstores.  Substantial discounts for members are being negotiated.  Plans to work with MOCA to mount and exhibit in the TC showcasing the work of those in the book hit the skids with MOCA’s announcement that TC would close for 18 months after “Helter Skelter.”  Alternative venues are sought.

Peter Lipson, answering the call of the open road, left town and his position of Activities Committee chair.  Our next series, “The Spring Collection,” will be chaired jointly by Marc Tedesco and Aaron Betsky.

The Forum’s next pamphlet The LA School Reader, rumored to be approaching book-size, is in the works.

Help Needed
The Activities, Publications and Exhibitions Committees all need new participants.  If you’d like to get involved leave a message on our machine 213-852-7145.

The Education(s) of an Architect

One tends to think of Southern California as quintessentially without focus, lacking uniform direction. And consisting in disparate hamlets with only the vaguest sense of common purpose. The schools of architecture within the region are in the process both of substantiating and contradicting this commonplace. Without exception, each school is planning or has already initiated considerable reconfiguration: developments range from curricular revisions and the search for new deans to major shifts in physical plants and the establishment of new programs, departments and even schools themselves. While change is therefore a common rule, the particular changes that have been proposed imply distinct views of architecture and of its enabling institutions. The following statements have been solicited from participants in these various initiatives and together offer an educational glimpse of the lay of this changing architectural land.

Sylvia Lavin


UCLA, Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Planning
Jurg Lang

New Directions and Priorties in the Urban Planning Program
Ed Soja

USC School of Architecture
Diane Ghirardo

UC, San Diego

Michael Rotondi

Enviromental Design Department, Otis Art Institute
Aaron Betsky

Learning from Bookstores
Christian Hubert

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